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If AI is the brain, Computer Vision is the window through which machines watch the world. Computer Vision provides machines with the ability to comprehend the reality around them, performing a pivotal function in many of the most pioneering tech concepts we see today.

Self-driving cars, facial recognition systems, sports performance analysis, medical imaging and precision agriculture are all prime examples of Computer Vision in action. It’s no longer the technology of tomorrow, it’s a reality of the here and now, and the demand for those who can develop the algorithms that drive it has never been higher.

Finding culture-add candidates with expertise in computer science, a variety of programming languages such as Python and C++, digital image processing, deep learning, robotics, and more, is a herculean feat without the right support. This is where comes in.

Our specialist consultants have built the relationships and technical knowledge needed to support both candidates and clients alike in this vibrant corner of the tech world.

The roles we recruit for in Computer Vision include:

  • Head of Computer Vision

  • Senior Computer Vision Engineer

  • Computer Vision Engineer

  • Senior Machine Learning Engineer Computer Vision 

  • Machine Learning Engineer Computer Vision 

  • Computer Vision Scientist 

  • Computer Vision Researcher

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    ​As a candidate I had a great experience with Anthony and I found a job I would never had without his help. He not only has fantastic inter-personal skills, but in a floated market of recruiters, he can assess your skills very well and guide them efficiently to the job position in hand. He is very helpful and thoughtful about the recruitment process. He assists you all the way and makes sure you have all you need and you are well informed for a successful process.

    Carlos, Candidate