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AI Engineering Snapshot: 2024

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AI Engineering Snapshot: 2024

We’re four months into 2024, and AI continues to dominate tech’s trend lists around the world. The gap between action and intention is shrinking as the business case for the latest AI tools becomes clearer (although it’s still fairly wide), causing a spike in demand for AI engineers.

According to our LinkedIn Data, the pool of AI engineers in the UK has expanded by 31% in only 12 months, reflecting the sharp uptake in AI-enabled digitalization we’re seeing in the current market.

We’re seeing this growth mirrored throughout all of our core recruitment locations, the US (36%), Ireland (7%), Germany (28%), and Switzerland (19%). With a median tenure of eight months, high-quality AI engineers are not only difficult to find, but they’re also hard to keep. Hiring demand is currently very high across all of the above locations.

Market Movement

There’s plenty of movement in today’s market, partly down to a lack of active talent and conditions that make vertical moves more viable (and attractive to top talent) than ever. Some of the most active companies currently hiring for AI engineering jobs include:

  • IBM

  • Amazon

  • Intel Corporation

  • Swisscom

  • appliedAI Initiative GmbH

  • Helsing

Industry Growth

As business leaders come to better understand the application of the latest tech tools, the rate of enterprise-level AI adoption is increasing. This adoption is in no way limited tech-born businesses either – we’re seeing a substantial amount of hiring demand for AI engineers across:

  • Defence and Space Manufacturing

  • Automotive

  • Game Development

  • Biopharmaceuticals

  • Biotechnology

  • Healthcare

  • Finance

Popular Skills

Aside from direct Artificial Intelligence experience, Python is the most commonly shared skill amongst AI engineers across all locations, followed by Machine Learning, Data Science, and Software Development.

Prioritising transferable skills over industry-specific experience is proving to be essential for today’s hiring managers. Persistent skill gaps threaten to stifle industry progress, but they are avoidable with the right approach. Find out more in our recent article: Overcoming DeepTech Talent Troubles.

Hidden Gem Locations

Hidden gem locations (high concentration of top talent, low market demand) are worth exploring for anyone hoping to expand their talent pool. In a space haunted by major talent shortages, knowing where to look is just as important as knowing who to look out for.

UK – Bristol, Sheffield, Manchester.

US – Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago.

Germany – Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart.

Switzerland –  Bern, Lausanne.

Ireland – Cork

Support from Our Staffing Specialists

Whether you’re hoping to hire or get hired, our specialist recruitment consultants have the reach, means, and market knowledge to help. Our global community network creates access to hard-to-reach talent in the world’s toughest markets – we’re here to connect innovators with the incredible people they need to thrive.

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