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Overcoming Deep Tech Talent Troubles

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Overcoming Deep Tech Talent Troubles

Nanosatellites, emotionally intelligent AI, android chefs… it’s a wild time for Deep Tech. As one of 2023’s most resilient startup sectors, pioneering ideas pop up in Deep Tech on what feels like a weekly basis. To reach the heights of mainstream excellence it deserves, the industry needs to shake off its persistent talent troubles.

A lack of access to top candidates has stifled progress in the past, and in a space that moves quickly, stalling can be the difference between success and failure. Rapid growth has led to fierce competition, and a lack of active candidates with suitable skills makes for a tough hiring landscape.

What can leaders do to make sure they broaden the talent pool? Is Deep Tech doomed to grapple with talent challenges forever? Not if we can help it.

Invest in Professional Development Opportunities

From mutual mentorship to formalised training programmes, if you invest in your people, you develop a resilient, defensible workforce. Moreover, top candidates are actively seeking opportunities to upskill. Deep Tech moves fast, and so do the skills and technologies needed to thrive in the industry. If you can offer a path to continuous learning, you’re in a strong position to persuade job seekers that your business is the one to work for.

Partner with Research Institutions

Nations like the UK, the US and Switzerland became deep tech leaders for several reasons, not least of all their world-class research and educational institutions. Partnerships have resulted in countless innovations over the years, and in most cases, they also grant access to a brand-new talent pool. Collaborating on internship programs or research initiatives can help you build a pipeline of future talent.

Diverse Hiring

One of the biggest pitfalls is the limited candidate pool in highly specialised (and mission-critical) areas of Deep Tech. Take Machine Learning – according to our LinkedIn talent insights, there are just 2476 Machine Learning Engineers in the United Kingdom (731 of them moved jobs in the last 12 months). Currently, just 20% of them are women, reflecting the industry’s wider representation problem. Diversity-focused hiring methodologies, with inclusive, equitable, unbiased, hiring processes are a superb way to attract underserved candidate demographics, widening the talent pool in the process.

Community Building

Creating a talent community doesn’t happen overnight. While it may be a lengthy process, the results are extraordinary. Building a community of Deep Tech professionals – a platform where people are safe to share ideas and make connections – is a reliable way to grow your talent pool and uncover opportunities that you wouldn’t usually find through traditional recruitment methods. Developing an events program, hosting podcasts, setting up a dedicated landing page, writing articles, interviewing thought leaders, and putting on employability workshops can all contribute towards building a strong community presence. Discover our community here: Social. Social

We love connecting top talent with the innovators and environments they need to thrive. Since day one, we’ve been building a community of Deep Tech professionals with a clear vision, to share knowledge, make meaningful connections, and create access to career opportunities. If you want to join our growing network, we’d love to hear from you. Contact the team to find out more about our’s community-led recruitment services here:

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