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AI Innovation Snapshot: June 2024

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AI Innovation Snapshot: June 2024

2024 has pressed the trend of AI excellence, building on the momentum of a landmark year. Hoping to keep your finger on the virtual pulse? Check out some of’s favourite innovations from the weird and wonderful world of AI below. 

Sensational Siri

A new era for the AI-driven personal assistant? Apple introduced its AI suite (dubbed ‘Apple Intelligence’) to the world on June 10th, revealing some eye-catching upgrades to Siri, namely an integration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

With a recent valuation of $3.9 trillion, Apple have dethroned Microsoft as the world’s most valuable company, although their efforts to dominate the AI arena have left some critics unimpressed, including Steve Wozniak himself.

GenAI Gems

AWS recently announced a $230 million commitment to GenAI startups, and it’s easy to see why – this revolutionary tech is transforming the way the world works. Take Nvidia’s new Blackwall GPU for example, an architecture reported to enable 30 times greater inference performance while using 25 less energy on large AI models.

From Adobe’s Firefly suite to Vocable’s conversational AI, these breakthroughs represent the tip of a GenAI iceberg, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Enterprise Resource Planning at the Speed of Light (Kind of)

Danish tech startup Light has left stealth mode to announce €13 million in funding to scale their AI-powered general ledger. The tool is poised to disrupt ERP tech stacks everywhere by automating global company finances for multinationals – as Light put it, they’re on a mission to ‘Re-imagine the ERP concept from the ground up.’ 

The ERP space is long overdue an upgrade, and we’re here for it. Thanks Light!

LinkedIn’s AI Career Coaches

Should recruiters be worried? Probably not until AI coaches can build community  networks, use an empathy-led approach to understand the unique needs and skills of candidates, or host a podcast like The Leadership Lab (we sincerely hope). That said, LinkedIn’s AI career coaching service look set to be an amazing tool for job seekers hoping to bolster their employability – check it out here:

Cat Care 101

Introducing the CPD (Cat Pain Detector) cracking the code on feline healthcare –  CatsMe! is an app that uses AI to detect pain in cats’ faces.

Built by Japanese startup in collaboration with researchers from Nihon University, CatsMe! drew in over 230,000 users in a single year.

Take a look here:

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