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The rise of Natural Language Processing has taken the world by storm, and we’re here for it. From predictive text and chatbots to fully-fledged virtual companions like Siri and ChatGPT, NLP has irrevocably transformed our relationship with machine learning.

The use-case versatility of modern NLP has led to a surge in uptake, driving demand for tech talent skyward. At, we leverage a global community network to pinpoint the right person for your role, even in an era of fierce competition.

Our consultants have the technical expertise, market insight, and commitment to diverse hiring practices needed to expand your search in the right direction.

The roles we recruit for in NLP include:

  • Head of NLP

  • Senior NLP 

  • NLP Engineer

  • Senior Machine Learning Engineer NLP

  • Machine Learning Engineer NLP

  • NLP Scientist 

  • NLP Researcher

Jobs in NLP