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Hear the Future: Generative Audio Trends 2024

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Hear the Future: Generative Audio Trends 2024

​The new era of digital audio is here! It’s (nearly) all thanks to GenAI, the polarising tech behind plenty of late-night debates around existentialism.

It’s the same tech that’s ushering in a new era of accessibility, productivity, customer service, security, and innovation.

While it’s ‘generated’ an almighty buzz in the music scene, GenAI-powered audio tools do more than crank out tunes all day – some reports place the global audio recognition market alone at a value of over $4 billion.

If the sector’s recent spike in demand for GenAI engineers is anything to go by, 2024 looks poised to reshape the way we interact with sound altogether. Check out our latest live jobs for more insight into the shape of the current market:

Let’s check out some of the latest and greatest market trends in the world of generative audio.

Synthetic Voice Generation

AI-generated voice is set to have a grand moment or two in the year ahead, largely thanks to the substantial rise in output quality. Incredible companies like WellSaid Labs have developed synthetic voices so advanced, that it’s difficult to discern them from human speakers.

Breakthroughs in this area open doors to a more inclusive future, one where language barriers are broken down with instant, high-fidelity translation, or where educational materials can be narrated in a student's native language for improved comprehension.

AI-generated voice is a prime example of transformative tech at its finest. With the global text-to-speech market expected to reach $7.6 billion by 2029, GenAI innovators have plenty of space for disruption.

Empathic AI

An AI that detects emotions? In audio? It sounds wild, but it’s a truly remarkable technological development, and it represents a giant leap towards deeper human-computer interaction. Imagine a future where AI companions can not only understand your words but also your emotional state.

Pioneering organisations like Hume are a perfect example – its EVI (Empathic Voice interface) can ‘understand and emulate tones of voice,’  enabling the AI to respond to self-improvement and respond to expression.

GenAI Video Translation

For all its potentially fear-inducing elements GenAI has proven its ability time and time again to advance human creativity and global connectivity. The GenAI-powered filmmaking tools from Flawless are an ideal showcase. Their TrueSync software enables users to translate dialogue into different languages and use GenAI to alter the facial movements correspondingly, allowing for seamless translation without the need for subtitles or clunky, distracting overdubs.

Early Stages

Despite the massive gains in recent years, generative audio is still in its infancy. Can innovators navigate widespread talent shortages? Demand is still massively outstripping supply, and alternative recruitment methodologies will be essential in bridging the gap.

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