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Unlocking the AI Advantage: Smarter Workforce Planning for the Energy Sector

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Unlocking the AI Advantage: Smarter Workforce Planning for the Energy Sector

​Agility is the watermark of a sustainable business. In today’s tech-frenzied world, with its sparse talent pools and wide skill gaps, traditional approaches to workforce planning are failing to deliver the goods.

Switzerland’s energy sector is facing off against compounding challenges, underscored by a common thread: a lack of access to candidates with specialised skill sets, particularly when it comes to AI.  

A critical aspect of organisational enablement, workforce planning has proven to be time-consuming, costly, data-intensive, and prone to human error. It’s overdue an upgrade.

Switzerland is a global leader in sustainability with an ambitious green energy strategy (its legal foundations in the CO2, Electricity Supply, and Nuclear Energy Acts), but the transition will demand the skills of a tech-savvy workforce that can optimise a more complex energy grid.

Enter AI, a bridge to a smarter, faster era of workforce planning. No matter the size and scope of your organisation, AI adoption has gone from a nice-to-have to a competitive necessity in recent years. As a certified B Corp, the team at has a responsibility to not only help sustainability-focused companies secure top talent, but to help them realise their future ESG goals.


With the EU AI act on the horizon, we’re already seeing bleeding-edge tech tools factored into long-term audit plans. From compliance to engineering, skill sets and frameworks are being forced to evolve by the recent acceleration of enterprise-level AI adoption, and it’s creating skill gaps.

As it stands, the biggest barrier to successful implementation is still a lack of workforce readiness.

A lack of tech skills, particularly at the leadership level, is expanding the divide between intention and successful adoption – overcoming this demands a commitment to upskilling, knowledge sharing, and fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Redefining Roles

Here at, our recruitment consultants are having plenty of conversations about evolving role requirements, and it’s clear that a new wave of talent is needed to plug the skill gaps on show. As workforce management evolves, so do the skill sets of operational staff, team leaders, and decision-makers.

Nuanced and highly specialised roles are sprouting up throughout our core markets: Switzerland, Germany, the UK, Ireland, and the US, and they’ve got a noticeably AI-focused twist. For example, data from Lightcast shows that job postings looking for GenAI skills rose by 1800% in the 2023 in the US alone.

AI is already being used to optimise energy production, predict demand, and streamline infrastructure maintenance throughout the energy sector – the demand for tech talent is rising, and supply can’t keep up.

AI-enabled workforce planning t promises a way forward, but a lack of access to skilled candidates remains a critical roadblock for Swiss businesses at a time of nationwide widespread digitalisation.

We’ve had the privilege of partnering with a range of top Deep Tech innovators over the years, and it’s helped us develop a comprehensive understanding of today’s AI talent market (along with a world-class talent network). We know that identifying and attracting tech talent in the AI space is tough, and we know that failing to develop the right process can halt projects in their tracks.

Support from

As specialist Deep Tech recruiters, we’re infatuated with the latest innovations in workforce management. Change and transformation is tough, no matter what stage your company’s at. We know that talent is the foundation of sustainable change, and we’re here to provide to the world’s Deep Tech innovators.

From upskilling your employees to building your very own workforce management AI, defensible talent is the key to sustainable success.

Whether you’re hoping to secure your next senior manager or build out an entire function from the ground up, we’ve got the reach, community, and specialist market knowledge needed to match you with world-class tech candidates, even in a talent-short market.

With the help of’s expertise in recruiting top AI talent, Swiss energy companies can unlock the full potential of AI and build the workforce needed to navigate a successful and sustainable future.

Want to find out more about how we do it? Contact the team today to learn about our community-led approach to recruitment (or talk about all things Deep Tech, we don’t mind).