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Switzerland’s Blockchain Talent Oasis: The Race to Secure Candidates

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Switzerland’s Blockchain Talent Oasis: The Race to Secure Candidates

​Is Switzerland the spiritual home of Blockchain? With a ‘crypto valley’ that sports around 1300 startups, a fistful of unicorns, and a whopping 107% surge in market value, Switzerland is well-established as an oasis of Deep Tech excellence.

Take the canton of Zug for example, nestled next to azure lakes in the foothills of the Alps, is famed for more than its vistas alone – Zug’s dynamic tech cluster is one of the fastest-growing hubs in Switzerland (it’s partly why we chose to open an office there)!

A recent uptake in hiring activity has led to some fierce competition for blockchain talent, and at a time of widespread skill shortages, those who can identify, attract, and retain the right skill sets will come out on top.

Hoping to hire Blockchain talent in Switzerland? Our specialist Deep Tech Recruiters have some insider tips for you – check them out below.

Broaden the Search

Switzerland remains one of the most enticing destinations for top tech talent around the world – use it to your advantage and widen your search! Blockchain talent (and Deep Tech talent of any kind for that matter) is notoriously difficult to come by.

The Alpine nation is facing off against one of the biggest talent crunches in recent history, and candidate pools are drying up. There aren’t enough local skill sets on offer, so it’s important to branch out.

If you’re struggling to do this, consider:

·      Joining global communities (Slack channels, Discord servers, WhatsApp groups, as many channels as you can find!)

·      Hosting events

·      Enhancing your employer brand to reposition as a global-facing brand

·      Taking bias training

·      Developing remote contracts

·      Developing mobility-focused policies and initiatives

You could always enlist the help of a global recruitment specialist with a SECO license if you’re having trouble identifying, attracting, and retaining top Blockchain talent. We recently finalised our licensure for both permanent and contract recruiting, and we’re eager to help drive progress in the Swiss industry – reach out to if you need specialist recruitment support, we’re happy to help.

Diversity-Focused Recruitment

The global tech space suffers from a representation problem, and Switzerland is no different. While Switzerland has made some major progress over the last few years (especially at the board level), talent pools are still infamously homogenised.

If you’re hoping to close skill gaps with top talent, leading with a diversity-focused search methodology is the ideal way to go. We know that diverse teams are typically more productive, satisfied, and better at solving modern tech challenges.

By creating inclusive, psychologically safe working environments, you can target a much wider range of Blockchain candidates. Here at, we’ve been taking a diversity-first approach since the very beginning, and it’s helped us fill critical positions in the world’s most exciting sectors.


Collaboration has been a primary driver behind Switzerland’s rise to Deep Tech prominence. You can’t move without tripping over world-leading research and educational institutions in Switzerland, so it’s worth seeing what kind of opportunities they have available to tech pioneers.

Whether that’s internship and mentorship programmes or joint research opportunities, there are plenty of options to explore.

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