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6 Must-See Deep Tech Events in 2024

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6 Must-See Deep Tech Events in 2024

​Looking to scour the depths of Deep Tech in search of the latest trends? Nothing beats going to a good event and connecting with like-minded aficionados, learning from industry leaders, and uncovering career opportunities.

We love events here at (it’s why we host so many! Check them out here). They’re big boiling cauldrons full of innovative ideas, making them the perfect place to find hidden gems of industry insight.

The team have put together a list of global Deep Tech events you might want to explore in 2024. If you can’t attend in person, it’s worth following the events online, as there’s usually a wealth of live streams to choose from. Take a look below.

Dublin Tech Summit

Whilst it’s not technically a Deep Tech-focused event, the Dublin Tech Summit is usually jam-packed with speakers from all over the tech space, from Machine Learning and Computer Vision to Blockchain and beyond. Dublin Tech Summit is Ireland’s premier tech conference, drawing in over 8000 attendees from more than 70 nations in 2023. It takes place on the 29th and 30th of May this year.  

AWS Summit

AWS summits are held across the globe every year. Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, London, Berlin, Zurich, Madrid, and Stockholm are amongst the cities hosting the event this year. The AWS Summit is designed to bring together the ever-expanding cloud community to share knowledge and encourage innovation in the Deep Tech space. The events attract many of the world’s top technologists. Find out more here.

Deep Tech Atelier

On the 16th and 17th of May, Latvia will turn into a bustling Deep Tech hotspot as innovators, enthusiasts, leaders and thinkers rush to Riga for the Baltic’s largest tech conference – Deep Tech Atelier. If you can’t make it to Latvia, they stream the excitement live. You can register your interest here.

Deep Tech CEE Summit

Founders, funders, startups, and multi-national tech giants flock to the Deep Tech CEE Summit to gain exposure, build relationships and put their virtual fingers on the pulse of innovation. This year, the Deep Tech CEE Summit will be held in Warsaw, Poland, from the 9-11th of October 2024. Last year the event attracted over 450 attendees, representing more than 240 startups in the Deep Tech space. Find out more here.

CogX Festival

Founded in 2015, the CogX Festival is home to an exhibit of the latest and greatest transformational tech you can find anywhere. CogX brings together game-changing thought leaders from the Deep Tech space and beyond. From leadership and inclusion to climate change and energy, you can find world-class speakers dissecting the most pressing topics facing today’s industry. There’s an event in London and an event in Los Angeles – Early bird tickets are currently on sale for both.

Breakfast Bytes

We didn’t want to miss out on the event action – events are our favourite after all – which is why we’ve started our very own London-based morning meetup for the Deep Tech community! Starting from February 8th, the team will be hosting monthly breakfast meetups designed to help us share ideas, build meaningful new connections, and platform voices from the Deep Tech community. Interested? Watch this space! Register here to take part.