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Mind the DeepTech Talent Gap: 5 Reasons to Use a Recruiter

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Mind the DeepTech Talent Gap: 5 Reasons to Use a Recruiter

​Nothing sharpens a company’s edge quite like top talent, especially in a space defined by consistent innovation. Competition for candidates is fierce in the DeepTech world, leaving many would-be pioneers in a precarious position.

Where do you start looking? How do you navigate a skills shortage when you’re working at the frontier of technological discovery?

The in-house approach certainly has its benefits, but when speed and adaptability reign supreme, external recruitment partners are likely the best option. Here’s why.

1. Market Insight

It’s hard to know where to look for top talent at the best of times, but when you’re struggling to put a finger on the pulse of the modern talent market, the process becomes infinitely more taxing.

Recruiters make it their mission to stay updated with the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the talent space – in DeepTech’s case, that’s a lot of trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Plus, specialist agencies are usually working with a range of niche clients at any given time, so they will be aware of skilled, culturally aligned, project-relevant candidates in their network.

2. Access to a Broad, Highly Specialised Talent Network

It’s often the case that the more innovative the project, the rarer the skills required to deliver it. It’s a problem that hinders progress across vast portions of the Deep Tech space, and one that can’t be solved with a shallow candidate pool.

Passionate recruiters make it their mission to connect with top talent in their specific niches, and they have dedicated tools to help them do it, tools that an internal hiring manager likely won’t have access to.

3. Improved Brand Visibility

Recruiters can act as an extension of your brand, effectively enhancing its visibility amongst your target demographics. This can help you build your presence in new locales, a particularly useful factor for those wishing to expand into unfamiliar territories.

4. Cost Reduction Potential

It might seem pricey at first, but the cost-saving potential of outsourced recruitment becomes clear the moment you scratch beneath the surface. Between screening processes, positing job ads, interviews, etc., the costs can add up fast.

A good recruiter will take care of this process for you, acting as an extension of your hiring function. Not only will this grant you easy access to a wide-reaching talent pool, but you’ll have the resources needed to explore it in full.

5. A Scalable Solution

It’s not uncommon for DeepTech innovations to take many years before they reach the market – hence the need for easily scalable hiring solutions. Outsourced recruitment gives you the flexibility you need to tap into a talent network as and when you need it.

At, we make it our mission to connect DeepTech innovators with the talent they need to thrive, exactly when they need it. Need support with bringing the right people on board? Contact the team here, we’re happy to help.