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Co-Founder and CDO of Sentics GmbH, Lokesh Bisht

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Co-Founder and CDO of Sentics GmbH, Lokesh Bisht

​Listen to our latest podcast featuring Lokesh Bisht. Lokesh is a co-founder and Chief Development Officer at Sentics GmbH, a pioneering technology company focused on revolutionizing safety and productivity in the production and logistics sectors. With a strong background in software development and a keen understanding of industrial processes, Lokesh plays a crucial role in driving innovation and shaping the strategic direction of the company. 

Lokesh holds a bachelor's degree in Industrial and Production Engineering, which has equipped him with valuable insights into the intricate workings of manufacturing industries. Building upon his foundation, he pursued a master's degree in Intelligent Systems, enabling him to delve into cutting-edge technologies and solutions. 

Throughout his career, Lokesh has amassed extensive experience in the manufacturing industry, gaining first-hand knowledge of the crucial interplay between man, machine, and financial aspects in production and logistics. His expertise spans a wide range of projects, including self-driving vehicles and the implementation of IIOT/Industry 4.0 initiatives. These endeavours have allowed him to not only witness the transformative power of technology in optimizing operational safety and efficiency but also develop and apply some of the smartest available computer vision technologies to solve some of the most difficult tasks in the industry. 

Following the completion of his master's degree, Lokesh joined forces with other visionary founders to establish Sentics GmbH. Guided by their shared passion for enhancing workplace safety and productivity, they developed a ground-breaking solution: Optical-Real Time Location System (O-RTLS). This innovative system addresses a multitude of challenges faced by production and logistics companies in an ever-evolving environment. It is the world's first system capable of measuring the safety metrics of a production or logistics area. He is spearheading the development of solutions that empower businesses to embrace the future while maximizing safety and productivity in their operations.“