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Growing a Successful Start up | Patrick Burkert | The Leadership Lab | Ep. 14

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Growing a Successful Start up | Patrick Burkert | The Leadership Lab | Ep. 14

As an entrepreneur, consultant, and advisor, Patrick Burkert is a dedicated business professional and venture builder with a proven track record of clients, partners, and investors. Focused on product, marketing, sales and talent, he is guiding and leading through executive processes in startups and companies, arriving in strategies and assets for scaling and growth. Patrick is hands-on, keen on learning, and always creative — without losing the strategic big picture, the purpose of arriving where the company wants to be. 

Patrick founded Go—PopUp, the market-leading online marketplace for short-term retail real estate, was chief marketing officer at BOATIM, an online marketplace for buying, selling, and trading boats, and yachts, and worked as growth marketing manager with Seqera Labs, the leading provider of open source workflow orchestration software in life science and healthcare (Nextflow and Nextflow Tower). He is an angel investor in Barcelona-based mental health startup Oliva and work with multiple early-stage startups as an advisor. 

Patrick was selected as one of the cultural exchange ambassadors for young professionals by the German federal government and the US congress (CBYX), he was awarded the culture and creative pilots award from the federal ministry of economics in Germany in 2013 for Zeitfenster and won the real estate innovation award from EXPO Real in 2017 for Go—PopUp.  

Patrick holds a B.Sc. (Online Media | FH Furtwangen), M.A (Digital Media | HdM Stuttgart) and started a PhD (Experience Design | TU Berlin with Telekom Innovation Laboratories). Located in Heilbronn and Barcelona and connected with my DNA in Stuttgart and Berlin, He likes to meet, work with and invest in like-minded ideas, ventures and founders as the Head of Startups and Director Ventures at Campus Founders. 

You can follow Patricks work at linkedin.com/in/patrickburkert