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How is Blockchain Changing Work?

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How is Blockchain Changing Work?

Blockchain is perhaps best known for its role in the world of cryptocurrency, but we’ve seen its transformative impact reach the virtual shores of industries all over the globe. Blockchain has proven itself as a dependable and transparent way to store data (hence why you’ll find it throughout much of the FinTech space), making it an enticing prospect for those wishing to examine sensitive information and develop secure databases.

Simply put, Blockchain is an open ledger that can permanently record and secure transactions. These transactions are immutable, decentralised, and safe. Between its ability to enhance data transparency, reduce compliance burdens, and increase security, blockchain has become a key point of interest for decision-makers everywhere.

Demand for blockchain specialists is rising as a result, and we expect this trajectory to continue as more businesses explore the tech’s potential. What does blockchain’s rise to prominence mean for the future of work?

Lifelong Learning

Blockchain is revolutionising learning. We’re already seeing it in the educational setting, storing and securing academic records, automating assignment progression, monitoring student progress, and creating tamperproof lockboxes for grades.

Learning and career development go hand-in-hand, especially at a time when new technology demands consistent and targeted training to utilise. Blockchain learning could make it much easier for people to learn new skills quickly, ultimately creating a more adaptable workforce.

Blockchain-based learning platforms can be used to connect learners with employers, providing hiring managers with authentic, verifiable assessment results. This could vastly improve the accuracy, efficiency, and overall quality of the recruitment process, leading to reduced turnover rates, a reduced time-to-fill, and naturally, a more competent workforce.

Remote Working

The remote working debate has led to plenty of friction between employers and employees in recent years (with recruiters and hiring managers caught in the middle). In many cases,  candidates want it, employers are pushing back, and it’s leading to a whole lot of missed opportunities.

Blockchain implementation could take the conversation in a new direction. With its ability to enable secure data transference, improve collaboration via a decentralised platform, and transparent security features (to name a few), blockchain technology makes for an ideal remote working companion.

In highly sensitive working environments, such as finance and healthcare, remote working therefore becomes more feasible (provided it’s up to the regulatory standards.

Fairness and Transparency

Whether it’s payroll systems or contract management platforms, blockchain-based frameworks have the potential to add some much-needed fairness and transparency to the modern working world.

Accessible, immutable data is a powerful tool. Alongside reducing wage disputes and bolstering corporate accountability, blockchain’s transformative promise extends incredibly wide, even representing a remedy to several of humanity's gravest issues, including workforce exploitation, supply chain inconsistencies, and disinformation.


In the face of unprecedented technological advancement, macroeconomic turbulence, evolving regulations and many, many other factors, businesses must uncover and implement new efficiencies to remain competitive.

Blockchain’s efficiency is well-documented, particularly in areas such as logistics, where it’s been used to optimise the tracking of goods, prevent fraud and reduce costs at each touchstone of the supply chain.

Typically, by removing the need for intermediaries and speeding up transactions (without sacrificing security), you get to reduce the amount of resources required to complete a process, freeing up your business to focus on more immediately impactful areas.

Finding the Right Talent

Implementing the right blockchain system is no small feat. You’ll need the right talent at the right time, a tough ask for businesses in the midst of change and transformation.

This is where the team at come in. We’re specialist recruiters obsessed with DeepTech, and we’ve cultivated our love for the industry by helping many of the world’s most incredible tech professionals find jobs they can thrive in.

With the help of our global talent network, we’re on a mission to drive industry progress and share the stories of tech innovators everywhere.

If you’re hoping to enrich your organisation with blockchain technology, we’re here to match you with the talent you need to realise your vision. Reach out for support here.

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