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CTO at TomTom, Eric Bowman | The Leadership Lab

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CTO at TomTom, Eric Bowman | The Leadership Lab

As TomTom’s CTO, Eric Bowman is passionate about creating customer value using technology. Eric is an engineer at heart and is responsible for TomTom’s technology strategy and runs the product engineering teams working on TomTom’s online and onboard suite of location-based products for automotive and enterprise customers. 

With a long track record of delivering genre-defining products, Eric was on the core team that built The Sims, helped bring Three’s global 3G offering to market, served as Zalando’s first VP Engineering, and led the Radical Agility transformation of Zalando from a retailer to a tech company. Additionally, he has experience as a startup founder. Eric strives to create a learning culture based on leadership behaviors that magnify creativity and innovation, enable autonomy, and create opportunities for impact. 

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