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Founder of GNL Ventures Georg Reifferscheid | The Leadership Lab

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Founder of GNL Ventures Georg Reifferscheid | The Leadership Lab

​ is a community that inspires, educates and encourages future leaders in AI & Blockchain.

With a background as an experienced sparring partner for founders and startups (with eight ventures under their belt), Georg Reifferscheid also holds the role of a university lecturer, imparting knowledge in Entrepreneurship and Psychology. Outside of Georg's professional accomplishments, they take immense pride as a father of two incredible boys, who bring constant joy and inspiration to his life.

Our aim is to spotlight thought leaders, provide a platform for honest and open discussion, and grow a thriving network of talented tech professionals.  Our community is a place for sharing experiences, exploring new projects, and learning how to use AI and Blockchain tech for building the leading-edge systems of tomorrow. Whether you’re developing the brains of the next best self-driving cars, or you’re working on an AI that predicts disasters, the future is in our hands, and we want to help you create it.

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