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Behind Closed Doors: Inside AI Company Incubation Programs | The Leadership Lab

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Behind Closed Doors: Inside AI Company Incubation Programs | The Leadership Lab

​ is a community that inspires, educates and encourages future leaders in AI & Blockchain.

Our aim is to spotlight thought leaders, provide a platform for honest and open discussion, and grow a thriving network of talented tech professionals.  Our community is a place for sharing experiences, exploring new projects, and learning how to use AI and Blockchain tech for building the leading-edge systems of tomorrow. Whether you’re developing the brains of the next best self-driving cars, or you’re working on an AI that predicts disasters, the future is in our hands, and we want to help you create it.

Tristan Post, an entrepreneur specializing in AI, currently holds the position of AI Lead at Campus Founders. His role involves overseeing one of Europe's leading AI startup incubation programs, AI Founders. His expertise extends into the academic realm, where he serves as a lecturer on AI for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at both the Technical University of Munich and Munich Business School. Beyond this, Tristan advises various entities, including organizations, investors, and private equity firms, on AI-related matters. Prior to these roles, he worked as an AI strategist for Europe's leading initiative focused on the application of AI. His approach to AI is firmly rooted in pragmatism, underpinned by a deep understanding of the potential real-world impacts of this transformative technology.

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