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Webinar #2: Computer Vision in Production

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Webinar #2: Computer Vision in Production

​Our soda social community came together for our latest webinar ‘computer vision in production 2.0,’ as part of our series.

The webinar was fuelled with interesting topics of discussion; from looking at specialised employees in the computer vision industry, and determining that many experts opt for an ‘all-hands on deck’ approach; working together while learning from one another, one may not be the most experienced, but if they have a strong work ethic that can usually shine through. Stefan Milz also spoke about collaborating with the younger generation, particularly university students who can exchange ideas and help organisations stay on the cutting-edge side of technology. We also looked at the financial element that encompasses the computer vision landscape; honing in on the Time VS Cost argument, and deciding whether it may be better to invest in specialists or take time to train a team instead.

Our Panel:

- Anthony Kelly - Computer vision & AI recruiter (Chair and Host)

- Juta Staes - Machine Learning Engineer at ML6

- Laura Mielke - Machine Learning and Computer Vision Engineer at GmbH

- Stefan Milz - Founder and Research Fellow at Spleen Lab

- Adam Bahlke - Chief Technology Officer at Motor AI

We hope you all enjoyed the second instalment of our Computer Vision series; if you weren’t able to attend but would like to catch-up, check out the video footage: