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Jobs in Zug

Zug, the jewel of north-central Switzerland, is known for more than its breathtaking vistas and gold standard of living. The canton is home to Europe’s Crypto Valley, hundreds of innovative startups, and a unique talent pool that covers a wide spectrum of technological excellence. 

In the last few years, Zug has risen to prominence as a leading hub for Blockchain, a defining facet of Deep Tech jobs. Switzerland’s startup-friendly environment and enticing work culture have landed it the number one spot on the global talent competitiveness index for the 10th year running.

Here at, we love to be right in the heart of the action - with its status as a global tech hub and favourable business conditions, Zug proved to be the ideal place to establish our Swiss office. 

If you’re looking for top tech recruiters in Switzerland, the team at have you covered. Our community-led recruitment methodology enables us to pinpoint culture-add, qualified, engaged, and diverse talent, creating access to a dependable candidate pipeline, no matter how tight the market. 

We are a SECO-licensed recruiter, and given our international presence, we’re well-placed to identify candidates from an incredibly broad talent pool. We’ll handle the logistics, you’ll build the technology that shapes the future. 

Want to learn more about how we do it? Contact the team today – we’re always looking to cultivate new connections.