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Jobs in London

London’s world-class talent pool and leading research institutions have cemented the city's status as a hub for Deep Tech excellence. Boasting the largest concentration of Deep Tech startups in the UK, leading to an innovative environment of collaboration and consistent development. 

London has a global reputation for attracting exceptional talent, and drawing the brightest minds in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. This creates an invaluable pool of talent for Deep Tech companies. 

World-renowned universities like Imperial College London, University College London, and King's College London are just a few examples that contribute to London's exceptional talent pipeline. These institutions produce graduates at the forefront of their respective fields, ensuring a steady stream of highly skilled Deep Tech professionals. 

That said, London isn’t immune to the global talent shortages, particularly in the Deep Tech space. The accelerated rate of technological innovation is rendering skill sets out of date, and the education and training system is struggling to keep pace. 

When demand outstrips supply, traditional recruitment methodologies fall short of the mark. In a space like Deep Tech – a space that moves fast – a dependable talent pipeline is critical to project delivery. 

Here at, we’ve been building community-led talent solutions for the Deep Tech space since day one, and we’ve had the privilege of working with pioneers the world over. 

A strong network, combined with the gold standard of customer service, should be the bare minimum in recruitment. Through our community-led approach, we go several steps further and create access to exceptional, diverse, hard-to-reach talent, even in candidate-short markets. 

We’re more than Deep Tech recruiters, we’re a platform to share ideas and build meaningful connections across the full spectrum of Deep Tech. If you want to hear from the community directly, check out our leadership labs series on Spotify.

Whether you’re hoping to find a meaningful new career in Deep Tech or build out a new team from the ground up, our specialist consultants are here to help. 

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