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Jobs in Hertfordshire

Are you on the lookout for best-in-class Deep Tech talent? If you’re struggling to pinpoint the right people for your business, then you’re not alone. The Deep Tech talent pool is running dry (and it was shallow to begin with), and training and education are struggling to prepare the next generation of talent. 

Technological innovation is moving quickly, and demand is outstripping the supply of qualified candidates. 

Today, perhaps more than ever, recruiters are uniquely placed to drive industry progress. Hiring managers and tech pioneers don’t have the time to source top candidates, not when the market is shrinking and budgets are tight. 

Here at, we’re dedicated to connecting innovators with the talent they need to deliver their projects on time, without breaking the bank. 

If you’re searching for recruiters in Hertfordshire, you’re in luck - it’s the seat of our home office. Hertfordshire provides 21% more tech opportunities than the national average, and given our global presence across Ireland, the US, Switzerland, and Germany, we’re well-placed to connect candidates with opportunities around the globe.

A strong network and world-class customer service is the bare minimum. Here at, we go a length beyond. Our community-led recruitment methodology provides our customers with access to a diverse talent pool, enabling them to close skill gaps, reach their D&I targets, and build a stronger employer brand proposition. 

Whether you’re hoping to hire your first director or build out a GenAI function from the ground up, our expert recruitment consultants have the means to support you. 

Reach out to the team today to find out more.