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Jobs in Dublin

The crown jewel of the emerald isle, Dublin has long attracted some of the world’s most innovative tech companies. In recent years, Deep Tech startups have been making waves across the city, although limited talent pools threaten to stifle progress. 

As Deep Tech recruitment specialists, we’re well-placed to connect pioneers across Ireland with the talent they need to realise their visions of an AI-enabled future. was founded by Irish entrepreneur, recruitment specialist and community builder, Anthony Kelly, with a clear mission: to power Deep Tech success. 

Through our community-led, knowledge-first approach to tech recruitment, we’ve been connecting pioneers with tech aficionados since day one, creating access to opportunities for underserved candidate demographics in the process. 

Our global presence, B Corp status and licensure enable us to draw from a broad talent pool, bridging the gap between skill shortages and project delivery. 

If you’re looking for Deep Tech recruitment in Dublin, whether that’s contract, retained, freelance, or embedded hiring solutions, our specialist consultants have the means to support you. 

Reach out to the team today to find out more.