​​Alex is an Associate Director at Trinnovo Group (which DeepRec.ai is part of) and heads up our group-wide Learning, Development & Performance team. Alex works closely with our C-level and Directors to ensure the LD&P strategy is aligned with the overarching business strategy and builds and delivers programmes, workshops & coaching sessions to our people across all levels and functions.

Alex joined Trinnovo Group as a Manager, leading a team of Sales Consultants within the permanent division of Trust in SODA. After 11 years of working within recruitment sales, 6 of which in leadership roles, Alex moved into a group role in the newly formed Learning & Development team before taking ownership of the function and rebranding it to reaffirm the teams' emphasis on driving performance & impact.

“In a highly-competitive and frankly saturated recruitment market, it is difficult to build a compelling value proposition and gain competitive advantage. Even more difficult and rare is trying to gain that competitive advantage through a mission and values-led approach. Three and a half years ago when I joined Trinnovo I believed I had found a company which had managed to do exactly that and after three and a half years, believe it more than ever.”